Sunday, 1 May 2016

Mini Boots Haul

We all love going to boots for our essentials.  Here is a mini boots haul to let you see what items I can't live without and why.

Simple regeneration age resisting day cream 
This moisturiser is amazing, packed with green tea goodness and SPF15.  This day cream fights ageing and helps combat dry skin.  When I had very dry skin I used the night cream version during the day and under my makeup which really moisturised my skin and made my makeup a lot smoother.


Simple Make up wipes
yes I know we should all cleanse and tone but to get my initial make up off I use simple make up wipes.  They have a really god formula that gets off a lot of your make up and leaves smooth skin.  I really like to use these in conjunction with other simple beauty products.


Sure Deodorant motion sense Cotton dry 
I have used Sure for years.. And why? because it works!  When you have a long day to get through you want to feel fresh and smell good.  T his brand does exactly what it says on the tin. I love the cotton dry version but there loads of different scents to try.


Tresemme Salon Finish Freeze hold Hair spray.
I have tried many different types of hairspray especially when doing vintage up do's and this is by far the best hairspray I have ever used. I have quite thick hair and I wanted a hairspray that holds and doesn't leave any residue.  This hairspray is honestly amazing if you have a special occasion to go to and want your hair on point all day. This is a winner!


Garnier Miracle Eye cream
A new product to my daily resume. Yes I'm getting older and I'm getting lines under my eyes.  Sometimes us busy ladies need a little extra help to look fab and this really helps for tiredness and lines. It makes me feel fresh before applying make up.  Reasonably priced this product is the first real eye cream I've ever bought.  I know I could go more expensive or use a more high end brand  but I don't feel I need that yet and if you just want a little boost for the eyes this is were to start!


Soap and glory Face cleansing and massage brush
Another new beauty find this cleansing brush gives a lovely clean and polished finish to the skin.  I feel that after make up removal there are always some left and this brush really helps with the cleaning process.  At a much more reasonable cost to the clarisonic cleaning brushes I fell that this is a great cheaper alternative and a handy size if needed while travelling 


I hope you enjoyed this mini drugstore haul.  


Purple Poodle xx

Monday, 25 April 2016

Travelling to Belfast Part.1



Get always are good for the soul and getting home with Francis to Belfast for 6 days was blissful. Not only are we getting to go home to see family and friends but I got to celebrate my sisters birthday and Francis' cousin got married, so it was to be a fun filled few days.


Prep prep prep

The key to any good trip is to be well and truly prepped before you go.  Yes all that boring stuff.  For the last few days before leaving included housework , washing, going to the pet store and making sure the pets had everything they needed for there time away to the pet hotel.  Some people find this part annoying but I love it! Pulling the cases out of the wardrobe and creating little piles of items on the guest bed that needs to be packed is somewhat therapeutic for me. I love to get organised and then you know when your away, all is sorted.  The house is tidy and the pets are happy.  


We have a dog , Deano and a cat, Lola.  When going to the pet hotel I like to know that they have all the food and treats that they love and bits from home so they will be relaxed and spoiled.  We have been very lucky to find an amazing place that the animals love and when we pick them up they are always happy and settle back into home very easily.  It gives you peace of mind when you know you have to go away knowing that the furbabies are happy.





I used my matching suitcase set. I love them! They are robust and even have poodles on them, what more does a girl want! When packing I always write out a list or two and then tick it off as I go so I don't miss out on any items I might need.  This time because we are getting the boat home we were a little more generous with clothing choices and prob had to many outfits home but thought why not have options.  I also went this way with toiletries and beauty products.  As I know I will be out with family and have a wedding to go to, so I made sure that I brought everything I needed with me.






We booked the boat from Liverpool to Belfast this trip.  Having the new truck to drive to Liverpool, we knew this would be a comfortable and enjoyable trip. It didn't disappoint. There is nothing like going on an road trip with some epic rock tunes. With the journey to Liverpool only around 3 and a half hours it wasn't a bad drive.  We had one pit stop for breakfast and made the check in to the boat in perfect timing.


We booked a comfort class cabin which was fab with comfy beds, TV, fridge stocked with drinks, kettle, tea, coffee and biscuits, with your own en suite bathroom.  After having a very early start it was nice to have somewhere to have a nap and relax.  The sailing itself was amazing, the sea was calm, so smooth and relaxing.  Even though this was a long crossing the sailing actually flew in by the time we had a sleep, had some lunch, went for a walk around the boat , took some pictures and also got a few things in the duty free store.  We then went back to our cabin for a few hours and relaxed.  Francis watched some movies, while I watched TV and blogged.  It was great to have time to catch up on blogging and some Lightroom editing.





I am really looking forward to seeing family and spending some quality time with my mum and dad. Having some girlie fun for my sister's birthday on the Friday and going to the wedding on Saturday.. I was rather looking forward to getting all glammed up for the day in full vintage style! Below are just a couple of pictures from my time home...




Next travel post will include what I got up to in Belfast and the journey back to Watford. 

Thanks for reading


Purple Poodle xx

Saturday, 16 April 2016

Kiko Milano


KIKO Milano make-up stores have been popping up all over UK lately. A new store open up in Watford and I really couldn't wait to get into the store to try out their make-up products. The store itself was absolutely stunning, beautifully laid out, really bright and vibrant. When I went into the store they had a buy five items for £10. This seemed like too much of a bargain to pass up so I bought some products to give them a go. 


The first two products I lifted where the KIKO Milano metallic shine eyeshadows. The first metallic shine eyeshadow was number five they come in a little green box and when you open them they have a beautiful dark Brown metallic lid with the branding on top. This metallic shine eyeshadow in number five is a khaki green. The pigmentation in the shadows are unbelievable they really do feel like a luxury brand product very much like the Tom Ford eyeshadows that everyone is raving about at the moment this could definalty be a dupe. I was so impressed with the coverage in this eyeshadow. The next colour I purchased in the metallic shine was a number three, again beautifully packaged and this metallic eyeshadow is almost like a brown metallic. Again this eyeshadow is  really pigmented, can go such a long way.


The next two eyeshadows I got were 161 single eyeshadow this eyeshadow is almost like a pale blue matte finish and again super pigmented, really really beautiful. The next eyeshadow, another blue, slightly darker, is an infinity plus sparkle eyeshadow in 410 this eyeshadow is part of the clics System so this can actually go onto a magnetic pallette. I am definitely going to go back to purchase some of these eyeshadows and make up my own eyeshadow palette. This dark blue shimmer is so beautiful you can definitely build it up.


The next item I purchased was an automatic precision eyeliner, beautifully packaged, I purchased the 703 which is a blue dark blue liner it comes with a rollup eyeliner on one side and on the other side a rubber blender that you can blend out the liner. I really love this idea and it actually works really well.  I definitely want to buy more of these. 


So that was 5 for £10 but there are another couple of pieces I really liked so I just purchased these separately. They were two lip products. The first one is the unlimited lipgloss in the shade  21. This colour is a lovely deep plum. Even though this is a lipgloss it has a lovely consistency and when blended I can almost be like a lipstick/lipgloss crossover. It isn't too sticky has great pigmentation.  A product that is so easy to carry around in your handbag and  such good value for money. The last item was the pencil lipgloss. I got this pencil in number 14. It is a bright pink shimmer colour I can't believe you can actually get a lip gloss pencil! It is creamy but it definitely has not a sticky texture. It is super pigmented and has such a lovely sheen. Definitely something you can use as a liner, all over the lips or maybe as and over the top shimmer for a matte lipstick.


I am honestly so impressed with Kiko Milano Products.  You really get a luxury feel with these products not only in the packaging but in the products themselves.  Definalty some items can be dupes for other expensive makeup brand and I will be looking into this further and doing another blog post on this brand! I am so excited to but more products and do a make up look.

At the moment the current promotion is buy 3 get 3 free on selected items 
Yes I went back to the store to get some lipsticks. I purchased some of there Smart Lipsticks and also a red lip set with lipstick and lipliner you can see these in the pictures. I will be doing some makeup looks in another post!!


Watch this space!!!!!

Purple Poodle xx

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

MUA Make up academy luxury look for under £20


MUA make up academy professional is an affordable brand with amazing beauty products. I decided to do a blog post on MUA to see if a budget brand can really live up to the hype. I went for a broad range of products so I could do a full  face of make up to see if I could get a luxury look for under £20. 

The first product I picked up was the MUA skin define hydro foundation, enriched with vitamin E and jojoba. I got this in the colour Ivory. Whilst swatching this product I noticed that it had quite a nice smell for a foundation. It was quite silky, smooth,  hydrating and had a light to medium coverage. I do think that this foundation is quite buildable to get up to a medium coverage.

The next product I lifted were some eyeshadows.  I got a trio of eyeshadows called innocence, It consisted of three set shimmer shades ranging from a nude highlight shade to a define and line dark shade. I also picked up two separate eyeshadows one in the colour chamoisee and the other colour platinum.  Chamoisee  is a shimmer copper/brown shade and platinum is a shimmer silver shade. I am a real fan of shimmer eyeshadow. I found these eyeshadows were rather pigmented and long lasting.

The next item I purchased was the MUA pro base matte satin pressed powder. I got this in the shade ivory. This powder was lovely on the skin and the finish was quite silky. The product had great coverage. I found the powder was really great on the T-zone area. It definitely got rid of any shiny, especially during the day for touch ups.

The next item I got was the bronze and sculpt contour kit MUA lux range. This was an item that I hadn't seen before when I was previously shopping in Superdrug. The packaging is a bit more luxurious. I couldn't get the light to medium colour so I ended up getting the medium to dark. This duel bronzing compact is perfect for contouring or just building up after tanning. When you open up this product it has a handy mirror and there are two separate compartments. One has the darker matte shade at the bottom and the top has the highlighter shade. I really love the look of this product and for £5 it is a pure beauty bargain.

The last item I purchased was the MUA undress your skin shimmer highlighter. I got this in iridescent gold. It really does remind me of some of the more luxurious brand highlighters. I have to say that this highlighter for a budget price of £3.50 looks absolutely stunning. This highlighter is definitely buildable

I was so impressed with the MUA range. I think that for under £20 you get really excellent
make up, with a lovely medium coverage. The eyeshadows that are complete winners with such great pigmentation and the bronze and sculpt contour kit is definitely a must buy item. It is a beautiful piece of make up kit and it's definitely something that I will buy again.

Thanks for reading


Purple Poodle

All Photography by Laura Joss

Sunday, 20 March 2016

A day in London.....

Watford Junction

Euston Station

I love London.  It is so vibrant, exciting and there is always something to do.  I'm also a train nerd so any excuse to jump on a train to Euston and then jump on the tube is pure bliss.  I was heading into London to meet my best friend Marty who is also from Belfast but lives and studies in London. We were meeting for a catch up, lunch and a visit to the Tate Modern. Being a Fine Art graduate the Tate is right up my street. I love to see Picasso, Dali and Delaney's work in the flesh (artists I studied and admired) and see what new contemporary art is being developed.  

Tate Modern

We met at Southwark station close to the Tate and went to Pret a Manger (my favourite lunch eatery) for lunch. I love this natural organic fast food chain. It is welcoming, amazing food, staff and very comfortable to sit in. `I got a ham, cheese and mustard toasting on wholegrain, a change from my usual Avocado and herb salad wrap.  I also got my favourite drink, grape and elderflower sparking water and some naked nuts.  Yum! We sat and chatted and caught up on our life and news of the week.  Even though we talk every day, (we could literally spend hours on the phone), we always have a lot to talk about lol.

Yummy Pret

Marty and Me

After lunch we walked along the Thames to go to the Tate Modern and chatted and took some pictures. It was a rather gloomy grey day in London but this dampen our mood.  There was a fresh breeze and it was lovely to walk around and get excited to go and get some art inspiration.

The Tate Modern never disappoints.  You find such a variety of fine, photo, sculptural, textile and mix media art. It was great to see a lot of new pieces since the last time I was there and to have a look around all the existing collections.  It is such a beautiful space.  We took are time walking around chatting about the pieces of art. Of course I checked out the gift shop! It was fab and I picked up a new book (insert book title) some postcard prints of art, a magnet, a pen and badge.


Robert Delaunay

Sonia Delaunay

Marker on cardboard.. Amazing

Gold leaf

Can you see me?


Video Installation

After the Tate we decided to walk to Waterloo station and take more pictures.  We walked past the ITV This Morning studios, I also took some pictures of the surrounding area. We both had to get two different tube lines home so Marty and I said goodbye and got the tube to the station home. Of course we chatted the whole way home on What's app lol 

The train home from Euston to Watford was quiet.  I was so lucky to sit and chill and enjoy this train journey home with music in my ears.. It was blissful.  I love looking out the window of the train and thinking of the fab day I just enjoyed and of course think of random things like what I had to do when I get home and plans for that week ahead.

Hope you enjoyed this blog post!


Purple Poodle